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How Our Foundation Will Allocate Funds for Cambodian Farmers

The current fundraising goal for KhmerADA includes placing data-collectors out in the fields with local farmers to track their production. This aggregate data is essential to learning the best farming practices in this region, and by monitoring crops, it will support forward contracts. Please help us with our efforts in fundraising for Cambodia.

Standards for Crop Consistency

KhmerADA will travel to the villages within this district to collect information about how much acreage is under cultivation for cassava, to educate farmers about how forward contracts work, to establish standards and train inspectors and other workers for the dry lot, and to establish customer contacts.

KhmerADA will establish standards for measuring crop quality. For consolidation of farmers’ crops into large orders, it is essential that the dried chip quality be uniform. Dried chips will be separated into different grades according to moisture and starch content and color. It is likely that Thai standards or something similar will be adopted, to maintain consistency with international standards.

Inspectors will need training on how to use moisture and starch meters as well as the spectrometer to ensure that standards are uniform across all farmers’ crops. To ensure transparency, these standards will be published and posted at the dry lot. One of the issues that farmers often cite is the arbitrary and capricious judgments of local traders in setting prices for their crops. Establishing consistent standards will ensure fair treatment by objective scientific measurement.

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