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At KhmerADA, we strive to help inexperienced farmers conquer dysfunctional markets and create flourishing farms. In order to reach this goal, our Reno, Nevada, foundation offers not only a comprehensive educational program, but also a dry lot, warehouse space, and an innovative agricultural market. With the help of our dedicated team, fledgling farms are sure to thrive.

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The Importance of an Agricultural Exchange

In Cambodia, there is no cassava futures market or commodity exchange that would provide price stability over time. Individual farmers must accept the market price for their crop at the time of harvest. In the Malai District, that price is set by Thai traders, who are typically trying to fill intermediate orders from Thailand.

Cambodian farmers consistently suffer the classic farmer’s dilemma: if the harvest is bad, the price is high but the farmer has little to sell, but if the harvest is good, all farmers have much to sell so the price is low. Market prices reflect this dilemma, so a farmer producing excellent quality at the wrong time will not receive a fair price for his effort. A true, transparent agricultural exchange will help to resolve these issues.

Facilitation for Farmers

As our goal is to provide a stable market and transparent pricing for Cambodian farmers, we operate a dry lot. At this lot, we provide access to a mechanical cutter so that farmers can cut and dry fresh cassava roots. We also offer a concrete drying pad that prevents dirt from accumulating in the chips. Farmers can rest assured that drying is supervised even in inclement weather, as our reliable full-time employees oversee the process from start to finish.

With the help of our expansive warehouse, farmers can avoid losing crops to natural disaster. This warehouse can also provide long-term storage, allowing farmers to sell chips for higher prices during the off-season. Our storage facilities are available to all farmers, even those who choose not to use our dry lot.

Pricing & Selling

After the drying process is complete, we list prices for chips sold the same day at our Exchange Market. At this market, we also post prices for any crops available for sale. This will allow farmers to see prices offered for future deliveries, and provide a space where buyers can view their crops. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate enough standardized contracts to create a complete commodity exchange, which we hope to reach as soon as the Cambodian government finalizes future trading rules.

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