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Teaching Agricultural Skills
to Those in Need

Hands-On Agricultural Training & Education

Help struggling farmers thrive by contributing to our agricultural education program. With the help of our Reno, Nevada-based foundation, Cambodian agricultural workers have access to market and farming education. Our training program is designed to teach inexperienced farmers how to turn their crops into a successful business.

Education & Training

At KhmerADA, our representatives spend time in the classroom instructing university and high school students in how to start a business, with an emphasis on agricultural projects. These seminars provide hands-on opportunities for students to evaluate the potential of their own projects, focusing on economics and finance.

We also aim to standardize contract terms for farmers in need. With this service, we help inexperienced and often illiterate farmers build contracts tailored to their farm. We then collect and disperse funds according to their contract terms.

In order to provide the best service for each of our clients, contracts are built around their selling cycles. Farmers can choose between forward contracts -- which allow them to pre-sell and receive cash at the beginning of the season -- or options that allow them to sell set amounts after each harvest. In all cases, we make sure all parties understand the terms of the contract and will act as arbiter for any disputes.

Students At Classroom

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Checklist Quality Process

Contract Facilitation

Our compassionate and experienced staff will facilitate contracts by providing a transparent market. In order to avoid discrepancies, we standardize the product and specify different grades of cassava chips. Through this process, the output of several farmers is consolidated into larger lots for buyers to browse. We’re devoted to helping farmers provide an excellent product, which is why we use spectrometers and moisture meters to validate the quality of the chip and temper the unpredictable judgements of traders.