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Building Brighter Futures
for Cambodia’s Farmers

Comprehensive Agricultural Assistance & Funding

Give long-lasting support to farmers in need. At KhmerADA, we provide education, training, and funding to Cambodian farmers. With the help of our reliable farming assistance, struggling farm workers can get the education they need to maintain thriving crops and profitable careers. Our inclusive training program guides farmers through innovative agricultural methods and effective market strategies.

Pen and Paper

Learn more about our extensive agricultural training programs. We provide hands-on assistance to struggling and illiterate farmers in order to meet their farm's needs.

Education & Training

Agriculture is an important source of earning for farmers. By setting up an exchange, farmers will be able to keep up with supply and demand and earn fair wages for their crops.

Agricultural Exchange

KhmerADA will establish standards for measuring crop quality. These consistent standards will ensure fair treatment by objective scientific measurement.

Dusty Feet

Take an active step to eradicate poverty and provide a safe  environment for Cambodian farmers. A donation to our organization helps farmers get back on their feet.


About Us

At our Reno, Nevada-based company, we provide comprehensive training to farmers in Cambodia. After our founder’s private company, SAXEUS, began to offer agricultural loans to these farmers, the founder realized that it was best to get to the root of the problem. While monetary assistance was helpful, it didn’t address the lack of education and market dysfunction that often destroyed farmers’ chances at success.

Our founder established KhmerADA as a way to resolve these widespread issues. We go beyond simply providing funds and offer hands-on training to struggling agricultural workers. In order to better remedy market dysfunction, we educate farmers on commodity markets and contract practices. We’re currently seeking financial donations to help us assist our clients. More than 90% of donations go directly to Cambodian farmers.

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Service Area
Our 501(c)(3) is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, USA.
Our Cambodia representatives are in Ou Sampor, Malai, Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia